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We are an independent security research and consulting team. We focus on building resilience to real-world hacking threats and believe security should facilitate innovation, not hamper it.

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We are a unique team connected by our enthusiasm over IT security challenges.

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Dr. Karsten Nohl

“We are shaping technology by creating and spreading knowledge. We are constantly learning, not only from a tech point of view, but especially about human interaction.”

Andrea Lau
Manager, Hong Kong Office

“Our projects constantly require new ways of thinking. Working with teammates who are at the top of their field makes a huge difference.”

Stephan Zeisberg
Head of Research

"I want SRLabs to extend its leadership across more pivotal sectors, building on our established authority in communications and pushing the boundaries into areas like IoT and digital transformation."

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Join our team of hackers and researchers. Together, we will make the world more secure.

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