Security team incubation

Our ramp-up program for new, large-scale IT ventures helps build up entire security teams from scratch while providing key security advisory and assurance qualifications for clients from Day 1.  SRLabs has a proven track record in securing billion-dollar investments on their ambitious journey to create new companies from the ground up to ensure the successful – and hacking-free! – launch of telco networks across the globe.

“We provide an entire team of security experts in interim from Day 1 for new ventures, while hiring, training, and building an in-house organization that can gradually take over”

SRLabs brings the hacking knowledge and technical insights to shape the security posture of Fortune 500 companies.
We have over ten years of experience in ramping up entire security teams for large-scale startup endeavors with ambitious timelines for go-live.
We embrace new technologies in innovation-friendly and rapidly changing environments, ensuring the right balance between security and speed.

Our Approach

A security team incubation executes in four steps:
Team ramp-up
We size and budget teams according to the roles we need to fill, steer the recruiting process to find the best talent, and bring them on board of new ventures.
Interim operations
Until the internal team is fully operational, our experts kick-start relevant workstreams on setup, architecture and processes to help the organization to build security into their DNA from the ground up.
Team training
In parallel to running operations, we use our expertise to train newly hired teams both on the job and in dedicated sessions.
Once the team is built, we gradually step out of the process to allow the organization to take over responsibility.

Successful use cases

Our successful use cases include building security teams from scratch for major telecom companies in Japan, India and Germany, and being part of a team expansion from 40 to 80 security experts for a leading financial group in Malaysia.