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SRLabs is a cybersecurity consultancy committed to making the world more secure. Our innovative security research and consulting has a direct impact on people, processes and technology on a global scale.



The time had come to turn a passion into a profession and become a company. Client work started right away and the first SRLabs research release shows how GSM communication can be intercepted cheaply.


After breaking GSM, we found weaknesses in the 2G mobile data encryption and developed an open source radio sniffer based on cheap feature phones.


We release to track the security of mobile networks globally. Our client projects in Europe and the US focus on chip security and security maturity checks.


At BlackHat Luca and Karsten showcase and demonstrate how a phone’s encryption keys can be leaked via the SIM card; by simply sending a specially crafted message the target’s phone.


We started our journey to ramp up the security team for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world - Reliance Jio in India. That same year, Karsten and Jakob presented BadUSB at BlackHat.


SRL publishes research on flaws in payment terminals that lead to merchant abuse.


Found major flaws in SS7, mobile interconnect protocol, showing that calls and SMS can be remotely intercepted from any part of the world.


Found hidden risks in cloud connected IP cameras. Successfully studied in reaching 100 million subscribers for Jio and establishing the team for Jio.


We expanded deeper into financial institutes and the banking sector.


As a as soon Google and a group of mobile operators launched RCS (next generation messaging service), we found critical vulnerabilities allowing to steal OTP codes. In parallel, we supported the launch of first fully virtualized telco network in Japan - Rakuten Mobile.


To better cater to our clients’ needs, we developed our first product which aggregates all vulnerability information across an organisation


After identifying severe vulnerabilities in the most common blockchain framework, we intensified our efforts to make the blockchain ecosystem more secure by collaborating with most important players worldwide.


Hacking mobile networks has gotten a lot more interesting with 5G and Open RAN, while securing 5G deployments, we identified standard IT vulnerabilities reappear in modern 5G clouds.


We speed up the knowledge transfer from hackers to industry in order to build defenses where it matters, so clients can focus on fostering innovation-friendly IT.


Excellence, integrity and passion are the core values that every member of our team stands behind.

We believe in doing the right thing. We trust and respect our inner values and guiding principles.
We are curiosity-driven hackers, always hungry for knowledge and love to tackle the toughest challenges.
We hire the best, brightest minds in security to tackle the toughest challenges in the industry.


Our offices are located in two of the coolest cities in the world:
Berlin and Hong Kong.

We support clients in 21 countries on 4 continents. SRLabs is involved in the evolution of security technologies used by billions of people across the telco, banking, insurance, high tech, utilities, and crypto industries.

What our clients say

Colonel Brijesh Datta​, CISO at Reliance Jio

“There is no facet amongst the diverse Jio businesses that has not hugely benefitted from SRLabs security expertise.”

Ibu Yessie Yosetya​, CTO/CIO at XL Axiata​

“Where we are today is because of SRLabs’ pragmatic approach yet simple solution.”

Dr. Ralf Schneider​, Group CIO at Allianz​

“The experts at SRLabs contribute hacking knowledge, highly accurate measurements, and hacking simulations.”