Security maturity review

Excellent hacking defense requires organizational coordination just as much as it relies on sound technical protection. While attackers need only one loophole to succeed, organizations must spend their limited protection resources wisely to be resilient. Achieving this resilience requires a deep understanding of an organization’s culture and core business processes.

“IT-Security must support – not hinder – business goals! ”

We perform a technological and an organizational assessment, custom-tailored to your organization’s threat landscape.
Immediate improvement
We identify “low-hanging fruits” to address critical threats immediately.
Sustainable protection
Together, we develop custom-tailored initiatives to boost your protection sustainably.

Our Approach

Review objective
Our holistic IT security maturity review covers organizational as well as technical maturity in five phases.
Assurance assessments based on the threat landscape guide the IT security ramp-up

Methods: Network security scans, targeted security assessments ...
Reviews of implemented tools, processes, IT security policies and best practices

Methods: Stakeholder interviews, paper reviews
Root cause analysis
We prioritize found issues and address relevant vulnerabilities immediately without bothering you with irrelevant findings.

To fully resolve uncovered issues, we map them to systemic root causes.

Often times, multiple issues map to the same root cause, such as:

  • Conflicting incentives: Performance, cost, agility
  • Clashing security and business interests
Strategic counter-initiatives
Improvements to identified root causes are bundled within strategic initiatives.

Initiatives and their constituent goals are designed to ensure long-term management support.

Only sustained initiatives can improve existing strengths and address systemic weaknesses.

Why it matters

By taking into account an organization’s actual needs, business processes, and structures, we create custom-tailored comprehensive security benefits instead of generic security advice that leads to a culture of business obstruction.

We aim to create a security culture that enables business processes instead of hindering them.
Growing organizations
We build a suitable security organization once green field innovation is ready to scale.
Mergers and acquisitions
We protect agile team culture from corporate paralysis while building future-ready security.
Security restructuring
We transform seasoned IT organizations into an agile environment, fit to face today’s threats.